The quality of the elevator depends on what factors

The quality of the elevator depends on many factors, and the three most important factors are the placement and balance weight, the way the elevator is installed, and the quality of the elevator parts 

Placement and balance weight:

The design is one of the factors that cause the placement of the balance weight, the balance weight should be placed in a part of the elevator shaft that first of all has the appropriate length and width of the elevator cabin and fewer round weights are used, the fewer the number of round weights, the better the movement quality. We will get better 

The lower the number of wheels, the longer the life of the elevator tow wire will be, and at the same time, we will have less noise from the collision of the wheel and the tow. The placement of the balance weight along the axis of the round wheels will also be effective. The shorter the length of the wheel axle, the better the quality of the elevator movement will be. This placement will also be effective in the angle of the wheel axle, whatever the angle of the wheel axle relative to the axle. The less the elevator cabin rail, the better the quality of the elevator.Another factor that will affect the quality of the elevator is the balance of the elevator cabin or the exact positioning of the cabin rails. During the design, attention should be paid to the balance of the cabin, the more the axis of the rails is in the center of gravity of the cabin, the better the movement will be. Therefore, in some cases, in high-speed elevators, balance weights for the cabin are used to balance the elevator cabin.Some points about the design of the elevator were mentioned, following them, the quality of the elevator will be better.The second factor that is very important in the quality of the elevator is the installation of the elevator. During rail installation, it is very important to be careful in adjusting the ends of the elevator rail. In order for the ends of the straps to be adjusted correctly, the brackets must be installed first and aligned in the vertical direction, and then the rails should be placed. If the brackets and rails are installed at the same time and together, the welding and its tension will cause an error in the rail placement and this will cause a shock in the movement path. In addition, in this type of rail installation, the brackets cannot be aligned vertically, and this causes the straps to be wrong either to the inside or to the outside.Welding should not be used in the installation of any of the elevator items because the welding tension causes errors in the installation of the elevator, and bolts and nuts should be used in the installation of the doors so that the doors can be adjusted more accurately  


The use of high-quality parts such as motor, control panel, doors and rails can greatly affect the quality of the elevator and its lifespan. Synchronization of the motor with the panel drive is very effective in moving smoothly and without vibration. Elevator doors, which play the most important role in elevator failure, are very important in elevator failure, so you must be careful in selecting doors. Fortunately, in our beloved Iran, the production of high-quality doors is done and can be obtained. Simataksun doors are examples of high quality elevator       

The compatibility of the rails with the speed of the elevator is very important, therefore, when buying the rails, you should use a rail that is suitable for the speed of the elevator cabin. The use of low-quality rails will cause vibration and shock during movement, so it should be considered that buying a A quality elevator will require proper initial design, accurate execution and the use of quality parts. that the first and second factors will cause the desired movement and the third factor will be effective both in the movement and in the lifetime of the elevator

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