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Simataksun (Hariri factory)

All the products of the Hariri elevator door company are made of high-quality materials and parts, which are tested and carefully controlled after production. The unique design and high quality and longevity are the criteria for choosing the Hariri elevator door for mass production and important projects

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General FAQs

The warranty period of the automatic door of the Hariri elevator is one year.

The automatic elevator door of the silk elevator is a product of Iran.

مدت زمان تولید درب آسانسور حریری با توجه به نوع درب متفاوت می‌باشد و این زمان تابع ابعاد سفارش و تعداد سفارش و همچنین میزان سفارش کارخانه در زمان‌های مختلف متفاوت می‌باشد.

For consultation and purchase, contact the company's numbers so that we can be at your service for a safe purchase.

The high quality of the elevator door of Hariri Biabani company is in front of a reasonable and affordable price, contact the sales department to get the price list of the products.


If you did not receive the answer to your question from the technical and general questions section, you can contact the after-sales service unit of Simataksun  Hariri or send a ticket from the support section of the website to communicate with technical experts

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