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Which of the largest elevator companies that are active in the field of designing and producing all kinds of elevator doors is Simataksun (Hariri Factory). This company has produced and marketed elevator doors in various designs and models and over the years has been able to respond to customer requests and market needs by producing the best elevator doors. Simataksun Company (Hariri Factory) is one of the largest manufacturers of elevator parts, which with thirty years of experience in this field has been able to take long and effective steps in order to create a suitable variety of products and establish a sense of peace and security for customers in this industry. This industrial group, by using expert and experienced experts in the field of designing and manufacturing elevator doors and parts, and using modern knowledge and technology, as well as using advanced tools and CNC machines in the production line, succeeded in producing and supplying parts and products with the best quality and resistance. And it has diversified.

All the products of this industrial group are made of quality materials and parts, which are tested and controlled after production. Unique design, high quality and longevity are the selection criteria of this collection for mass production and important projects.

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Objectives  Hariri Company

Simataksun Company, a leader in the supply and production of elevator equipment and with more than thirty years of experience in the field of elevators and its parts, as well as being the parent company of a number of subsidiary companies active in the field of elevators and escalators such as Sitor (producer of gearless motors), Suntech (producer of elevator package) and Asanoor company (producer of control panels) and also by concluding memorandums with large foreign companies such as Tourvin Drive, which is one of the largest manufacturers of traction motors in the world, has been able to create a powerful collection in terms of technical and scientific knowledge in the field convert elevator and escalator

This group supplies all elevator doors in fully automatic and semi-automatic form. Central and telescopic doors are examples of door models of this collection, which are used in most important projects. All production parts and doors are made from the best raw materials and the result is the high resistance and durability of the products against impact and pressure

We do not set boundaries for progress and evolution

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Years of production experience
Massive project implemented
Variety of products and elevator parts

Expert force

Fields of activity of the Simataksun  

Production, import and sale of parts

Our important goal in the issue of production, sale and import of elevator parts is to achieve guarantee the originality of elevator parts, use of the latest technology in the world in the elevator industry security and peace of mind in shop, providing reasonable prices, guaranteeing the safety of imported elevator parts, providing parts quality warranty certificate and after sales service and quality support, creating job, supporting manufacturers. also this company is production of elevator cabins, automatic doors and this company has a wide range of activities sale of all elevator mechanical parts .

Run elevator

Our important goal in the issue of installation is to achieve of elevators that has feature such as: safety,smooth movment in elevator,appearance beauty, reduce of energy consumption, reasonable price, use of modern system, reduction maintenance cost and quality support for elevator parts , etc. also this company in the fild of run, consulting, sale and installation type of elevator such as  Gearbox, lifttrack, Gearless, Rumless and installation two door tunnel elevator, etc

Repair of elevator parts

Our important goal in the discussion of repairing elevator parts is to achieve: time and capital management in repairing elevator parts, after-sales service, appropriate service and repairing elevator parts by lowest cost, saving the consumption of elevator parts. Company activated in the field of repairing all type of elevator parts such as: elevator motor, door board, door motor, elevator panel repair, elevator inverter repair and elevator encoder installation    .

Elevator service & maintenance

 Our important goal in the discussion of elevator service and maintenance is to achieve: diagnosis as soon as possible, reasonable price in providing elevator service, use of experienced technicians and experienced and specialized staff in elevator service failure prevention, use liability insurance with full service coverage is according to the checklist

Hariri Co. (simataksun)

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