About Simataksun (Hariri factory)

Which of the largest elevator companies that are active in the field of designing and producing all kinds of elevator doors is Simataksun (Silk Factory). This company has produced and marketed elevator doors in various designs and models and over the years has been able to respond to customer requests and market needs by producing the best elevator doors. Simataksun Company (Hariri Factory) is one of the largest manufacturers of elevator parts, which with thirty years of experience in this field has been able to take long and effective steps in order to create a suitable variety of products and establish a sense of peace and security for customers in this industry. This industrial group, by using expert and experienced forces in the field of designing and manufacturing elevator doors and parts, and using modern knowledge and technology, as well as using advanced tools and machines in the production line, succeeded in producing and supplying parts and products with the best quality and resistance. And it has diversified.

This group supplies all elevator doors in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions. Central and telescopic doors are examples of door models of this collection, which are used in most important projects. All production parts and doors are made from the best raw materials and the result is the high resistance and durability of the products against impact and pressure. One of the important points in the mechanism of the automatic doors of the silk elevator is to have a smooth and silent movement with a belt drive system and a DC motor and control the speed of the motor by the PWM method. and automatic obstacle detection and warning to the elevator control panel and having other features such as slow movement of opening and closing the bow and lock and having a switching power source with input and output voltage make it one of the best known doors in the country is.

All the products of this industrial group are made of quality materials and parts, which are tested and controlled after production. Unique design, high quality and longevity are the selection criteria of this collection for mass production and important projects.


                                                                                                    (( We do not set boundaries for progress and evolution ))


Some automatic door products of this company

درب آسانسور تمام اتوماتیک کابین حریری

  درب آسانسور حریری بیابانی

  • عرض بازشو 60تا 360 سانتی متر
  • ارتفاع ورودی 2 تا 3 متر
  • تشخیص خودکار مانع و اعلام به تابلو فرمان  آسانسور
  • تنظیم خودکار نیروی درب در زمان برخورد با مانع  

درب آسانسور تمام اتوماتیک طبقات حریری

 درب آسانسور حریری بیابانی

  • سردرب از ورق فولادی با تقویت داخلی
  • قرقره ایمنی فولادی برای محافظت در هنگام آتش سوزی
  • بازکننده اضطراری قفل تعبیه شده روی سر درب
  • ستون استاندارد پیچ و مهره ای

درب آسانسور نیمه اتوماتیک کابین حریری

 درب آسانسور حریری بیابانی

  • حرکت نرم و بدون صدا با سیستم محرکه تسمه ای و موتور DC
  • تنظیم جداگانه سرعت بازشو و بسته شو
  • تنظیم جداگانه سرعت تند و کند 
  • کنترل سرعت موتور به روش PWM

درب آسانسور شیشه استیل اتوماتیک  حریری

 درب آسانسور حریری بیابانی

  • لنگه درب ها ورق فولادی 
  • سیل آلومینیومی و زیرپایی
  • بستهای L شکل بالایی و پایینی و جانبی پیچ و مهره ای جهت نصب درب
  • زبانه محافظ فولادی در قسمت بالا و پایین برای جلوگیری از سقوط درب به داخل چاه
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