Traction Gearbox and Gearless sitor

The gearbox motor has a smooth, noiseless and shock-free movement and can be installed horizontally and vertically. Additional product information inSitor Product Catalog .

 سایت شرکت سیتور


Simataksun Automatic Door

The production of elevator parts is the main part of Simatexan company's activity. The parts produced include automatic and hinged doors, traction and hydraulic elevator cabin frames, safety brakes, etc. Additional information on products Simataksun Product Catalog . 

Asanro Control Panel

Production and sale of all kinds of control panels, controllers, boards and displays. Additional information on products Asanro Product Catalog .

Suntech Elevator and Escalator

Urbanization is a growing trend and vertical transportation equipment is an essential set in modern urban life, and due to the increasing construction of high-rise buildings, elevators and escalators have become key technologies کاتالوگ محصولات سانتک .

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