SITOR Traction Machine (Geared and Gearless)

The SITOR geared and gearless traction machines have a smooth, noiseless and shock-free movement. Additional product could be found in:Sitor Product Catalog .

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Simataksun Automatic Door

The production of elevator parts is the main part of Simataksun company's activity. The parts produced include automatic and hinged doors, traction and hydraulic elevator cabin frames, safety brakes, etc. Additional information on products Simataksun Product Catalog . 

ASANOOR Control Panel

Production and sale of all kinds of control panels, controllers, boards and displays. Additional information on products: Asanoor Product Catalog .

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SUNTECH Lift and Escalator

Urbanization is a growing trend and vertical transportation equipment is an essential set in modern urban life, and due to the increasing construction of high-rise buildings, elevators and escalators have become key technologies Sutech Lift Catalogue .

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  important points درب حریری و آسانسور بیابانی درب آسانسور حریری درب بیابانی درب سماتیک

درب آسانسور حریری درب حریری درب بیابانی آسانسور بیابانی درب سماتیک

In the doors produced by Simataksun company, in addition to complying with Iran's standards, also fully comply with European international standards, hence it is the safest type of elevator door in accidents. Simataksun  door lock and bow set as the main safety part of the elevator door, with the European standards and recording the highest level of satisfaction by customers, promises to guarantee the safety of the users of these doors

One of the most obvious features of Simataksun doors is the soft and silent movement of the doors, which is the result of correct design, precision production and the use of high-quality raw materials

Innovation is an achievement that has distinguished us for many years, Simataksun(Hariri factory), and Sematic door, using the power of design and engineering, keep their products in sync with the latest changes in the field of standards and in the field of beauty, design and produces Due to our extensive presence in the cross-border markets over the past years, as well as respecting the dignity of the domestic consumer, we have devoted our maximum power to optimization in line with the technical and appearance requirements

Product quality control by the manufacturer and ease of installation, strength and easy adjustment have always been the concern of experienced installers in the elevator industry. This task will not be realized except by using standard and high-quality doors that an experienced installer can install and adjust according to the conditions

Simataksun Hariri factory


Simataksun Group supplies all elevator doors in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions. Central and telescopic doors are examples of the door models of this collection, and all production parts and doors are made from the best raw materials, and the result is the high resistance and durability of the products against impact and pressure. One of the important points in the mechanism of the Hariri elevator door, stematic door is to have a smooth and silent movement with a belt drive system and DC motor and control the speed of the motor by PWM method